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1. Please provide us your Maplestory 2 Account information through live chat or Order Comments. The information you fill out on our website will only be used for trading and contacting you. 2. We will complete your order within 24 hours. Please do not try to log in or Kick us off in Maple 2 Powerleveling or questing progress. 3. Please change your password instantly after your order finished for safety reason and do not share your Maplestory 2 account with anyone. 4. It takes 4-24 hours to build a house. There are two ways to build a house. The first one, you provide us with your MapleStory 2 account and password. We log in to your account to help you complete the house construction. The second way, You give us the building permit. For more details, please feel for free to contact us via live chat.
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