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There are two cooperation ways: One is site promotion. The other is member promotion.

The site promotion allows you to select your own domain name, you tell us the domain name, we will register it for you. You can decide on your selling price. You can give us the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) advise.

The member promotion is very easy you only need to register an account on our site. Then there will be a promotion link. You promote that link. All the orders from that link will be your promotion orders.

Of course, you can use those two ways at the same time, and our site will allow you to monitor all your running information. You can check the orders, the deliveries, the profits, and the commission at any time.

The profit is the difference between your selling price and the buying price of the delivery. Half of the profit will be your commission. When the commission is up to 40 USD, you can apply for the payment at any time. You can ask us to pay you using game currency too.

If you are interested in this type of cooperation and still have some questions, you can add our Skype: [email protected]. Or if you have some other good idea for the cooperation you can add this Skype too to tell us.

We are open to cooperation. We have done this business for more than 10 years. And we know your idea is very important to us. Welcome to cooperate with us. We want you!
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