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Buy Old School Runescape Item
  • RS 2007 Fire Cape for 50 Ranged | 40 Def | 43 Prayer | 50 HP
    24.5 USD Buy
  • RS 2007 Fire Cape for 70 Ranged | 1 Def | 43 Prayer | 50 HP
    17.85 USD Buy
  • RS 2007 Fire Cape for 70 Ranged | 40 Def | 43 Prayer | 50 HP
    7.43 USD Buy
  • RS 2007 Infernal cape Service for 70 def 94 mage/range (minimum stats req.)
    350 USD Buy
  • RS 2007 Fire Cape for 50 Ranged | 1 Def | 43 Prayer | 50 HP
    28.5 USD Buy
  • RS 2007 Fire Cape for 60 Ranged | 1 Def | 43 Prayer | 50 HP
    21.6 USD Buy
  • RS 2007 Fire Cape for 60 Ranged | 40 Def | 43 Prayer | 50 HP
    13.2 USD Buy
  • RS 2007 Ironman Fire Cape for 61 Ranged | 40 Def | 44 Prayer | 50 HP
    13.8 USD Buy
  • RS 2007 Ironman Fire Cape for 70 Ranged | 40 Def | 44 Prayer | 50 HP
    7.8 USD Buy
  • OSR-Dragon defender
    23.99 USD Buy
  • OSR-Fighter hat
    16.99 USD Buy
  • OSR-Fighter torso
    17.99 USD Buy
  • OSR-Guthix Staff
    5.33 USD Buy
  • OSR-Healer hat
    23.47 USD Buy
  • OSR-Penance gloves
    15.99 USD Buy
  • OSR-Penance skirt
    31.99 USD Buy

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Important Notes When Purchasing OSRS Fire Cape!

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