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  • Sh 32(ID:126107)
    Full DS lv5,dragon lv58(skills max. upgrade )230 000 000 power,Attack,health 500%+,defence 490%+
    Delivery In 20 Minutes
    275.94 USD Buy
  • Sh23, 36M power k345, dragon 51(ID:125939)
    I spend around 2k on this game. With all items i have ice lords scrolls and flames sword and so many other very nice thing.
    Delivery In 20 Minutes
    500 USD Buy
  • Strong sh27(ID:118297)
    16 valor lvl 5-6, 2 lvl 5 champion, full orange best fighter gear, some of them+++, warmonger amulet +3 all banners 20+ stats ~300% troops t9 200k and more 47m power, vip10, lord dragon 40lvl .has gold inside. Builder gear,research stones and more \r\nk346 
    Delivery In 20 Minutes
    700 USD Buy
  • Ciroc(ID:117782)
    Selling sh 20 in kingdom 412, 17 million power willing to negotiate price
    Delivery In 20 Minutes
    100 USD Buy
  • knig of avalon acount sale(ID:117695)

    Delivery In 20 Minutes
    4.57 USD Buy
  • sh25 k331 35m power(ID:117524)

    Delivery In 20 Minutes
    113.82 USD Buy
  • Level 27 Stronghold 98M+ Power(ID:117352)
    Level 27 Stronghold 98M+ Power. Both Dragon and Lord Level 41. 60k Gold. Just under 1M troops. Good Gear, Gems, Prestige. Stats and other pictures attached.
    Delivery In 20 Minutes
    1650 USD Buy
  • Stronghold 27 98M Power(ID:117351)
    Level 27 Stronghold. 98M+ Power. Photos attached. Good stats, most prestige buildings 20+. Decent gear good gems 60,000 Gold
    Delivery In 20 Minutes
    1675 USD Buy
  • Sh19 (ID:117245)
    Sh 19 150k troops everything in tact lots ot things in item chest teleports, defense boost, farm, crystals, etc lvl26 dragon 17.5 million power. I have screenshots of the gear scrolls and items but it won't let me upload them I can message or email them if needed
    Delivery In 20 Minutes
    100 USD Buy
  • KOA 26SH(ID:116939)
    Level 26SH 67m Power. Level 20 and 14 Farms. Great Gear Great Gems
    Delivery In 20 Minutes
    2200 USD Buy
  • SH 30 with 200 Mio Power, War settings, Dragon LVL 50 and so on!(ID:116696)
    SH 30 in Kingdom 130 with many great features and settings. Above 21000000 Million Power Dragon Level 50 Lord Level 44 VIP 10 If you have any question ask me :)
    Delivery In 20 Minutes
    5456.46 USD Buy
  • SH 30 with 200 Mio Power, War settings, Dragon LVL 50 and so on! (ID:116695)
    SH 30 in Kingdom 130 with many great features and settings. Above 20000000 Million Power Dragon Level 50 Lord Level 44 VIP 10 1,6 Million T10 and 100k T9 and some T1. 97 Million kills 211 Million Power at moment. Soon Sir Griflet with 4 th star 16 precious stones level 5 2 precious stones level 4 If you have any question ask me
    Delivery In 20 Minutes
    5511.58 USD Buy
  • SH 22 account with 31million power(ID:116184)
    K86 top alliance 31 mil power with two farm accounts so you get sh 22,16, and 13.
    Delivery In 20 Minutes
    65 USD Buy

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