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Beginner's Guide to Maplestory 2 Gemstones - Upgrade To Tier 10

The gemstone is an important item in the Maplestory 2, it gives certain bonus stats that can be put on accessories with an unlocked gemstone socket. There are a variety of tiers for each Gemstone. The higher the tier, the better the attributes that the Gemstone gives. 



Maplestory 2 Gemstone List


Gemstones have seven different types, they are Wisdom Gemstone (Intelligence Bonus), Luck Gemstone (Luck Bonus), Life Gemstone (Health Bonus), Power Gemstone (Strength Bonus), Dexterity Gemstone (Dexterity Bonus), Accuracy Gemstone (Accuracy Bonus), Offense Gemstone (Bonus Attack Bonus). At the same time, each gemstone has 10 different levels, the lowest is Tier 1, the highest is Tier 10. Different levels of gems provide a different bonus for the attribute/attack.




Maplestory 2 best gemstones


The only 3 gems you need are Offence gem, your corresponding main stat gem, and accuracy gem. Strength is the main stat for Knights, Berserkers, and Runeblades. Dexterity is the main stat for Archers, Heavy Gunners. Intelligence is the main stat for Wizards, Priests, and Soul Binders. Luck is the main stat for Thieves and Assassins. If you want to sort the importance of the gem, then he will be offense gem > main stat gem > accuracy gem > other gems.





How to get gemstones?


1. Hard dungeons and Chaos dungeons will sometimes drop a gem/powder box(contents random).


2. Treasure Dungeon Abandoned Mine B1 & B4 gives gem boxes(contents random).


3. Doing “toughen up” Daily missions will get “power mission boxes” that have a chance to give you a +1/+2 Gem boxes or powder box (contents random for both boxes)


4. If your guild is level 3 or higher, you can obtain guild gem boxes(contents random) for 15 guild coins each (assuming the guild master hires the shop keeper!)



Maplestory 2 gemstone dust


Gem Dust is a type of upgrade material that's used to increase the stats that Gemstones provide. Each color of Gem Dust has a corresponding Gemstone of the same color. The Gemstone that is the same color requires mainly that type of Gem Dust to be upgraded. 


You can get the gem dust in the following way


1. Dismantle the gems you don't want. High tier gems get more dust.


2. You can get 5 Stellar glass from Cheri Ring every week after paying 1m mesos. Use a Stellar glass and ten Obsidian Essence to go to Stellar chest and exchange it into a craft Gem Powder boxes. Each box has 200 gem dust, and you can choose the type of dust you want. 


3. Farming treva and use it to buy Gem Dust Boxes in the treva shop (obtained through Twisted Pocket Realms, which are portals that have a chance to spawn when killing Elites in the level 50+ PvP maps). 



Maplestory 2 gemstone upgrade


Tier 10 is the highest level of gems, You can upgrade the tier 1 - 9 gems. Each gemstone upgrade requires different colored Gem Dust in varying amounts. At the same time, the success rate while upgrading different tiers of gems is not the same. So upgrading a gem is a matter of needing a lot of gem dust and luck. Complete daily mission, check in and donate at the guild, clear B4 dungeons, then pray carefully before clicking the upgrade button.



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